What is Future Generation of Medicine?

Are you a pre-med student or a high schooler with dreams of helping people? We might be for you.

GenerationMed is a blog and youth organization following the journies of pre-med students as they navigate their own ways through college. Learn with us and prepare for your own journey to the healthcare field.

Read and watch interviews with healthcare professionals, leaders, and students. Find out how to get involved and more. Click below for more information!


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Hi, I’m Isabelle

I'm the founder of Future Generation of Medicine and a rising freshman at UC Berkeley.

Just last summer, I was a confused rising senior in high school with too many passions and goals to just pick one major. One thing I was confident on though, I wanted to help people as a part of the healthcare industry. 

Fast forward through a challenging school year filled with learning experiences and opportunities, I've learned so much that I wish I knew before I started a college application. That's why I founded Future Generation of Medicine, not only to document my journey through college (and, hopefully, medical school), but to inspire and equip those with the information I now know.

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